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Doing the Doodle

target audienceDid you know that you remember about 10% of what you read, but 90% of what you see? Let us show you how using doodles for note taking can help to improve your memory, understanding, and help you solve problems, by combining the senses of sight, hearing, and touch! Head to the lessons to find out how!

Targeting the Audience

target audienceWhile Brain Doodles is targeted for high school students, anyone can use and benefit from the tutorials. Give it a try and see what doodling can do for you.


Tools of the Trade



Laptop or desktop computer

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Drawing Tools

BDTV: Drawing Materials

Materials VideoClick on the TV icon to view a brief video on what drawing materials you'll need to succeed.

Drawing Utensils

Pencil and Pen

You can choose to draw with whatever you have or feel most comfortable with, but a pencil (with an eraser) is a great choice to start out with.

Drawing Surface


Grab a sheet from your printer, a post-it, or get a sketchbook (carry around a Moleskin sketchbook in your pocket)!