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1.] Building Blocks

2.] Lettering

3.] Faces & Figures

4.] Memory Boost


More About The Lessons


About the Lessons

BDTV: Lesson Navigation

Lesson Tour Video Click on the TV icon to view a tour of how the lesson folders and how the videos work.

What You'll Learn

  1. The basic elements of visual language
  2. Using letters and numbers as images
  3. Drawing stick figures, faces, & emotions
  4. Memory boosting techniques
  5. Improve your problem solving skills
  6. How to listen effectively

Drawing Tools

BDTV: Drawing Materials

Materials Video Click on the TV icon to view a brief video on what drawing materials you'll need to succeed.

Drawing Utensils

Pencil and Pen

You can choose to draw with whatever you have or feel most comfortable with, but a pencil (with an eraser) is a great choice to start out with.

Drawing Surface


Grab a sheet from your printer, a post-it, or get a sketchbook (carry around a Moleskin sketchbook in your pocket)!