Brain Doodles

Course or Self Study

Brain Doodles is set up to either be used to supplement course curriculum (great for communication, art, or english educators) or those only wanting to do some self-improvement.

Below are a set of PDFs for educators (or self-study students) to download that contain exercises and assignments for each lesson.

Additionally, there are resources for continued learning ... as I don't profess to be the only one whose able to teach this subject. It's great to learn from others and get their perspective!


Stuff For Learning More

Teacher Resources

If you wish to use Brain Doodles to supplement your course, we've developed a set of exercises and projects for each Lesson to help teachers develop course materials.

Download Individual Lessons

Download All Lessons

Download ZIP file of all Lessons (~22.3 MB)

Other Resources

The following are resources Brain Doodles has used for the research and Development of it's content...

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